Help with simple choreography!

Hello :)

My girlfriend and I should make this song a choreo:

Unfortunately falls plus but not much facilities, except the steps in the video, but we did not want to use all the time!

What steps are simple and fit it?

Thank you in advance!

The best answer

So the steps in the video are mostly really good.

Especially this loose could use good running on the spot. In this long-drawn "Duuuuu" after the "come on, come on", one could perhaps do so as if you pull on a whistle, as locomotives have always. Also I would find rotations well, either as several small try in one direction or something I know from our last musical and describe times:

right leg cross over to the side> left leg forward>> Rotate left foot ran draw (so Tap moderate) and clap or snap (the whole course also goes in the other direction)

Actually, quite a few steps from our Musical can use, I can describe only as bad.

One could also in so zigzags forward "jump" (I can not describe exactly as your fantasy is asked) and then walk back.

Definitely make a lot with the poor, somehow swing over your head or in front of the body. But that is also in the video.

It often helps simply on the text to hear. Do the lokomotinon> this typical locomotive movement; and jump up, jump back; let`s make a chain now.

Search but otherwise times the internet for a choreography to the song.

What are you dancing for? Jazz? Or what? :) Power turns or so

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