So I write just with my flock and he has read my last message, but not answered. Should I even ask a question or something to write, where he answers me or should I leave it? I know this is not a suggestion box and blah, but I do not ...

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Hello :)

I think it is exactly at your crush important that you sometimes write cease and abwartest if he writes to you. Because so you can also find out if he is interested in you or rather not.

Therefore it give just a little air to breathe and was not too intrusive. Guys come on when they want something from you. Otherwise you just vergraulst Get him if you write all the time. It may indeed be well that he might come online but quickly down had to his mother, or whatever.

Be yourself and do what you think is right, I have given you only according to experience a tip, the decision is in your hands :)

Much love Zoe

I know it's very tempting now ascribe ne send him. But we women need but also our pride were. better write it not for the time being. There may be many reasons why he did not answer, and perhaps he does it still And if you can not wiedermal report later you easily.

Just ask him something, but nothing intrusive and iwann you can back the unanswered question ^. ^

Do not stress! Maybe he's doing something important and does not now .. time to answer right or he wonders what he should write to you;)

Then you can not really answer, I just want little further write, haha. So we rarely write and he has often reported and Joa. Because I want to see and want to ask him him today ...

Jeez. Today is the first New Year's Day. Yesterday was New Year's Eve. Let him chill time alone! Do a head when he still has not replied to Saturday.

Let wait. I write for example auvh net always immediately.

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