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Hi, serious question: In the family this year a wedding held and a few girls and I now want to organize a hen party for the bride. There are, however, suffer from a few problems and I need your advice: 1) The bride is quite closed and does not talk much - except to those who know them. 2) You just do not go at people and hiding! 3) The future husband does not want is gone in a disco. Apart from that, it is also not the type for it - not even for Bauchladen, etc ... Do you have any advice? As location was intended for her home (of course, without their knowledge). But what you can not do good? What perhaps should be mentioned: We would, without bride, 6 girls. but these, know them only half - the other, we have never seen before ...

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So the maid of honor is also the sister-in-law of the bride. I am the Schwipp-sister. One of the girls is a good friend of the bride. We 3 they know best and know that she is delighted. The other 3 girls know the bride also- simply: one of them has spoken evil against the maid of honor and tells on, that there is a JGA. The fact that the other two girls to join (on request of the bride) and the JGA, we erfahren- until 3 days before the JGA Planund we did already begun (ie maid of honor, I and you girlfriend) ... And the one who squealed , is unfortunately the girlfriend of the witnesses of the groom but NEVER made with the bride something beforehand!

Power but simply a funny DVD evening with homemade cocktails and pizza. Something I would probably have rather than what is precisely planned behind my back: - / Go repays to the needs of the bride and speak with the maid of honor

What a surprise can backfire.

I would certainly not happy about it, if it were so decided over my head.

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