her lucid dreams-all had a talk?

If so, how they feel? What have you done to have it at your first clear dream or could you have this always?

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Well I think, although not think you can really do something to get but I had to, but in any case a ... it's not really something super exciting, inasmuch as you really are not sure 100% that dream ... more all I can say not really :)

I had a few weeks ago but already so I do not erinner me exactly feel like it was: D anyway, I'm gone off in there and woke up because I jumped out of a window. get Have the lucid dream with an indirect Wild

I have used the technique of critical awareness of Prof. Tholey. After 3 weeks I had my first lucid dream.

http: //www.klartraum-wiki.de/wiki/Zehn_Gebote_des_Klartr%C3%A4umens#Zehn_Gebote _...

It's cool.

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