Hey guys what breed of dog is that?

I'm in love with this but just do not get it what breed is White Pug came into my mind or a kind Dane Only I'm just no green branch Maybe someone knows of you notice :)

The best answer

Anyway it is a torment breed, whether or pug Bullddogge. Fall in love better in a dog that looks like a dog and not for what some consider people for "cute" live his long must suffer.

Dog lovers can not buy something.

A hybrid I suppose .. has much of a pug

Is not a Pug. It is an English bulldog. I myself a !!!

I'm in love with this

Good that you're in love with the picture and not in this completely verqualzüchteten pug-like mongrel dog

English Bulldog


is that and remains a pug.

MfG Angelika

That's a boy Buldogge, I guess.

A white pug.

I think that's a pug. Yes, it is a. But question it may safely again in a shelter or so after. He's really cute.

Go to a pet store or animal shelter that can definitely help with the picture once you there on.

I think a kind Pug, but anything else is also mixed in.

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