Hey :) I got (pain) a few days ago navel belly ...

So a few days ago doing my navel hurt when I touch him little or so ... I'm also hurt when I laugh or me arg bewgege :( It feels as if something would "ignite" under my navel. Some say that he is broken either (although I did not hurt myself) or it is inflamed I do not point in any event, if it helps you. My belly 'is' little to the outside ... if someone knows what about my navel , please let me know! :) Lg

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For an umbilical hernia you should not be violated. This can also happen if you verhoben itself or through other efforts.

If your navel out always something? Then it could be that irritation occurred by rubbing the pants or belt.

Please go to the doctor who can tell you anything more.

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Tags: belly button

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