Hey I once again have a question about minecraft who can help me les the question through and thanks: D Topic: temp / Ban Plugin

Hey, I wanted to ask how is this plugin I also have a server have also nen ban plugin but all in English, and I have now made a picture of a Ban plugin which is not itself written I asked Here you see somewhere I picture please see as a good ban plugin Währe to help already nice right?

PS: I was not baned that was my friend ...: D

and you know how people on his server it receives are never people on my server :( what can I do, I have many mini games

The best answer

This is only essentials surely

GET READY essentials: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/essentials/

Hahaha, I know you from YouTube and from the server EpicNitro.de: 3

So first I would advise you to a German course .. That does namely hurt in his eyes: /

And well .. So honestly .. Who wants a server operator can not even carry a decent conversation?

Just as a tip ...

And regarding your plugin ... USER times but Google) this wonderful machine delivers what you are looking for - have to ask them only once;)

Des I do not know. Does that sound as if you are banned from the server. Give the command in Server Console "unban" then teaching button and your player name enter. Maybe you've accidentally mistyped chatting and have yourself banned.

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