Hey. I would have there times ne question for you

I am 14 years old and 166cm tall. I treat myself sometimes 1-2 times in a month shisha. I hear jz on to grow because I would namely still like to 175cm tall.

The best answer

Smoking does not affect body growth that is genetically determined and can not be influenced. But if you continue to smoke shisha, you destroy you not only your airways, but going the risk, early dying of cancer. And yes, Shisha is just as bad as real cigarettes!

Maybe you will not 1.75 large anyway.

It is genetically determined how large you become. Since change neither the rain nor the Shisha something about it.

How are you ever at a hookah? And you have from a wheel? THIS IS NOT COOL thus destroying your body (well mainly lung) of IM itself GROWTH IS

So with grow it has to tuhn with your family who were always small dan you'll also small. Our family was huge haha ​​my brother is 14 review so like 20 I'm 16 and I look very old.

My mother is 160cm and my vater180cm

1-2 times a month is still okay but 14 should not smoke it

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