hey love my dog ​​here is believable traumatized I need your help

a few days ago was I had with my parents smoke outside in and we have our dog Emma taken after because my mother heard that Emma geknürrt something and we have Dan equal summoned and they comb but she could no longer run the stairs she could crawl their hinterleufe not move it too was bleeding a little since it is no longer in the garden now, the question: can it be that my little mouse has a trauma?

The best answer

Try it every day a little. More used to the garden ... it attracts with treats out and as soon as they step out a give praise immediately, treat and clean again .... which then several times a day and always a little further, after a while it is the garden with Treats combine and are no longer afraid ... maybe you should go anyway times to the vet and have them check by

bitten by another animal? where it bleeds because go? equal to ta gives insight

Yes that can be characterized that something attacked her she no longer trusts itself out

something we have been thinking but that was on Sunday evening and on Monday night it was already better resist she just afraid to go into the garden

Emma was in the back easily bled right leg on and we do not know whether the animal was

Go to the vet!

Immediately to the vet!

What you're asking here long? How do I know what has happened, what u for injury here a. Of which, the animal?

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