Hi friends ... My dog ​​11 years makes me a little worried at the time ...

I began 14 days ago with a development and and a week ago he started mercilessly to pee in my apartment ... Is he not with my parents nich on work ... Only with me: (... Have him otherwise always had with the office and then at me ... Or a daily basis with my parents ... now I have school and can it only in the afternoon to pick up. ... White never continue what I can do ... is he jealous ??? HELP! !!!!

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I do believe that this is a kind of "protest behavior" by the dog, because his usual daily routine is messed up. You must not scold him, but lovingly tell that something has changed and that the training for you is important. Dogs are very sensitive and perhaps he understands yes.

Because the dog is older, it can also be incontinent. By contrast, there are dog diapers or a special dog toilet for the apartment.

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