Hi, got married at 3.3. Can this be undone?

Or should I get a divorce right?

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Marriage cancel at short marriage: One of the great errors of law in the divorce law that, for a separation shortly after the wedding, the marriage can be annulled again within one year. Even if you separate the day of your marriage, the separation year remains to be seen to comply with the conditions of the divorce usually. There is not a right of withdrawal for marriage within a certain period. Even those who are newly married must therefore wait usually the year of separation before a divorce can be filed.




Requirement for a marriage annulment

Thus one can annul a marriage, very important reasons must be.

Such reasons must be reviewed by experts or consultants and considered credible again. There are often consulted in this connection, to check on-the severity of cancellation desire to witness.

If the appraiser to the conclusion that the reason is not sufficient for an annulment, the marriage remains valid and can be resolved only through a regular divorce again.

When is now a cancellation possible?

Heiratsschwindler, bogus marriage, forced marriage

One reason for an annulment would be the existence of an act of a marriage swindler, wherein after the marriage immediately becomes clear that was only married for financial reasons.

Next are sham marriages to obtain the right of residence in Germany a reason for immediate cancellation if the spouse noticing.

http: //www.scheidungsfix.de/blog/eheannullierung-welche-voraussetzungen-n%C3%B6t ...

You're twenty-three, have two children and want to let you divorce. Since you should you times seek advice from a lawyer, because that is probably not as easily as you imagine it.

There are not many reasons for challenging the marriage!

The hardship divorce is limited to very specific reasons.

To the question really answer simply too little information.

You'd have to know all the facts.

LG Alex

This is for better or worse not pass a divorce ... If you're going to later consider marrying again that (if you ecclesiastically married have) go only civilly. Lg Franzi

Either repeal by


or divorce. A cancellation is not (more) available.

What are you do heartless if you will not let your man / woman a divorce where the problem.If is you on 3.3 marry why you ladst a divorce then?!?

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