Hi, how you created a server for Minecraft PE ...

Hi folks, I wanted to know if you can have a server for minecraft pe because three buddy of mine and I have created a world in which we have recreated an ancient city. The stupid is that this world is only on my phone and the other therefore can not be relied on when I'm not there. To resolve this problem, I wanted to know if you can create a server for PE. And if so, how

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You can buy you one or create with the software "Pocket Mine" even a

Get the APP Picket mine so you have full control over your PVP in PVP of, Op on OP often degrade blocks allowed not allowed someone kick or ban Server Stop Server Start Critive fly survivel in suvaivil or not and so on gesammt into are that 89 settings everything is easy but do not worry,

Sorry Pocket Mine

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