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Riding a horse Hand

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The horse should be definitely useful as hand horse. That is accustomed and well run and well-behaved on the halter.

Then best bridles and halters with something shorter knitting and knitting over it while riding in the hand. Without bridle-road, the insurance does not attack often, if the horse happens etws or this abhaut.

I would rather you recommend a node holder because you have with this a little bit more control than with a normal Stallhalfter. From experience I can say that for me personally, a short knitting is not enough, 2-3 meters must be, because the hand horse can actually even away jump without you equal to lose it out of hand.


a friend of mine riding. If you've never ridden with hand horse, I would recommend that you first do it in the fenced area. For that is not as easy as it looks. Even if the horse and there are quiet usual, it's hard when you've never done it. For first time out I recommend back a short round and then again. Always gradually and slowly increase!

The horse should holster and no bridle. You can get there Bridle eh not hold better. You should also more likely to use a short rope, so it's not purely occurs when it runs off. It should never go far away from the horse, a meter with knitting knot at the end, so that one senses that without looking enough.

If you abhaut the led horse, let go and let it run. You have to keep your horse under control.

The hand horse never tie the saddle. Otherwise it pulls you out of the saddle.

Importantly: Never test the site for the first time. Emergency in the paddock, if there is no rectangle, but not outside.

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