hi in the school, we have our teacher heard the "eskimo" a dirty word is

I'm not sure the word is actually very well known to us, our teacher said that the word Eskimo is Rohfleichesser and vileicht you can help me then I could my teacher say that's not true Probably I found on the internet no helpful answer and I would very dolle, appreciate answers.

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The exact meaning of the Indian name is unclear: it is either "Those who eat raw meat" or "carry the, the snowshoes". All agree the linguists are not there.

Is just a silly discussion how about the word "N.ger"! But I think: "The Telekom Baskets play four cute N.ger" to hear just to better than "... Play 4 Spiler of African American Appearance The word" marshmallows "I find silly - especially if including in English and French but "N.ger" is I will continue to eat Zigeunerschnitzel - and not "Sinti and Roma Schnitzel!

In what context did you the word because used and is known to you? Lens I fear the teacher right? But do you use it differently?

Hey :-) So far as I know is that an insult and the term Inuit is more appropriate. LG

Look here:


The declaration put your teacher is now outdated, but still very common in the vernacular.

Eskimo actually means "eater of raw meat". But that is not a dirty word, but simply a name. For they indeed actually previously eaten only raw meat.

Eskimo means raw meat eaters

It's true that it raw meat eaters / eater is and thus is an insult to the Inuits :)

For it is an insult. not for us

Yes that's true. the 'eskimos' call themselves innuit (= human being), I think it is spelled with double s, but I'm not sure.

but Eskimo's raw meat eaters

That's right, they say nowadays "Inuit"

Look here :-)


We have also learned it means "eater of raw meat" I NEN it but "Toiletentieftaucher"!

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