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Good evening, I have the problem I had during the play (League of Legends) always a ping of 120-220 get even if only 2 computers in the house are to be collected. I had last Wednesday still a 16k line and because the Ping was at 2 computers always at 70-90 and did not fit me why I changed to 50k because I was told by a Telekom customer advisor it would bring a lot to me and the Ping Problem would no longer persist. But not much has happened I use DLan and I have the customer service representative also explained and he said that nevertheless help it much more would that because Ping concerns when I switch on 50k. Now I pay concise € 8.50 more per month and it got worse. Can not really had to be the one there can not do anything? Half a year ago I had never such a problem and since I still had my 16k line and there were always 2 computer and the Ping was always on 33-39 ... even when times were 3 computer on went the not never higher than 120-130 and that was optimal. But now he is already with 2 computers to 120 that can not be true .... As soon as I try to call customer service representative at the Telekom me is always said that the technician is no longer in the house are what is that supposed to ... but now enough also back to my question. Is it because there really do anything to improve his Ping? To switch from 16k to 50k has so apparently not helpful ... annoying something!

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Make you can nix .. but must always remember that the UP TO !! 50 kbit / S advertise etc. So it can give you no guarantee that this will also come through. Does it via cable or phone line?

What have you for a router, can also be due.

Although unfortunately can not provide a viable answer, but to say that to me also noticed. Although I do not play now LoL, but my Ping to Google was in the 16er line usually <10 ms and after the "upgrade" to VDSL50 mostly so to 30ms ...

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