High School DxD Season 1/2 sub to eng?

Hey Leutchens ^^

As in the title, I'm looking for Highschool DxD on eng sub Does:. Japanese Language and German subtitles.

Only I find in the usual hosters and also by google.de seeking nothing!

Does anyone have a tip for me where I can find this? :( Bin stumped ._.


The best answer

I do not know precisely whether it would also be okay for you squadron 1/2 also completely to look at German if it is ok then go to the side, looking Bs.to there among anime high school dxd there's Season 1 to 3 but the 3rd scale is unfortunately only with German subtitles. I hope I could help you


There you'll find the 2.Staffel

Hey = D ve Just only with eng dub found if you do not mind:

http: //www.burning-seri.es/serie/High-School-DD/1/1-Ich-habe-eine-Freundin/Stre ...

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