High School with parental permission cancel (Nrw, 16 years)

Hello I am 16 years old and visit the 11th grade. My question is: Can I Grade 11 with parental permission simply break so? Since I am still 16, I'm not so sure, because one is actually required to attend school until 18th I've already read some things on the Internet, but so far found no correctAnswer. Incidentally, I have a FORQ statements.

PS: Please do not "Do not break off the you'll be sorry!" Answers ^^.

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In theory goes that. Only you, the school office will most likely stuck in a vocational school that you have to visit per week in lessons or block 1-2x. Can be as Berufsgrundbildungsjahr then something. If you have bad luck, you the discipline is perhaps not lie there. Play then until you school- or vocational school age are not more or you have found a different design that can replace your current compulsory education fully satisfying.

If you went to school 10 years, you can always cancel school ..

It's just the question of whether it is the right decision. When ye but be sure then you can finish school. Attend school one is only until the completion of the 10th grade. However, you should have an alternative, be it training or school transfer to a vocational school.

Since when one is required to attend school until the age of 18?

not Break off! You'll be sorry

Please do not "Do not break off! You'll regret" answers ^^.

Break until the moment when you have a plan, how it goes - for example, a signed training contract. ;)

Do not break off, which you'll be sorry!

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