Hiiilfe dog frees itself from the harness

Hi Guys! I'm new here but I saw that there are many meaningful answers and really need help. I have a mixed breed dog is about to knee is also relatively narrow. He is only 3 years but it is hardly walk possible with him. He is super anxious and once he gets scared, he wants to run away home and not go on. At first I tried it 'forcing' him so easy to grow until it is then escaped from his harness. Not nr from the dishes even from a collar. I was so shocked and tried all harnesses. Even the K9 and so a double. Self collar and dishes together not stop him. Do you know one of which he can not get REALLY?

Ps he squeezes back from the crockery out :( hope for answers

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If sometimes loosely people! I had two very good trainer, the dog comes but from the animal protection means - he was rescued, he's just physically distraught that has sometimes nothing to do with it that I can not deal with it ok. And tidbits he will not accept as I said he is afraid. If you can not help but not responding

it is not because of the dog, but behave on your. Please go to a benefit that shows you what the dog is doing well. if you react quickly, the dog does not come well out of his harness. you should try to uninhabited areas, remote forest due to exercise. with a partner, you can work with treats, unusual noise, which convert initially produce anxiety in good noise. that takes time, good timing and especially idea of ​​what you want to achieve, the dog to relax ...

In other words, you are not suitable as a dog owner.

Bring him dissolved at to run without a leash, Problem

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