people need time your so rat I have feelings for my best friend, we developed kissed and held often holding hands, they want it also to blame because I made everything so much she means to me to be zsm but you would feel just nothing'm probably to end up in the friend zone was too sweet and always there blah you know yes I have pointed out the friendship ended really emotionally she has very strong cried my question do you think that if we jetz 1 year for example no contact have it all so they can then change feelings for me developed after such a break'm really helpless need advice if tHe jetz good was what I did or nocht ...

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Nope tell her what you feel you more than just friendship and if she does not want dan let them otherwise you power t you just kopfzebrechen enweder or okey if I do not white it's hard boyfriend zone and so icg verstehes just not the girl Friendzone only friends :(

as I said when they no longer want to let them there genung other girls glückk want more determined by you as no friends! D much

Well ... if you ended up in the friend zone, you get hard to leave. I find that you have not finished the friendship should. You're probably not even love you. That strikes me just because you had strong contact with her. Girl thinking just different as boys. You should try to establish contact again.

1 year (pause) I would not recommend. If they can not develop feelings for you, you've had unfortunately pitch. Wait and see what brings the time and stay on your side

the possibility is quite possible that it has developed differently in a year.

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