Hiphop / Street Dance Dance School Frankfurt

Hello, I am 13 years, looking for a good hiphop school for me and may my freundinen me someone tips give?

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So I dance hip hop itself and can only say that you pretty much can make to go to those schools. I also see the music not appropriate for your age.


do you have an interest in alternative hip hop Tanzgruppein Frankfurt? Currently, I set up a new dance crew, it comes to the TanzstileHip Hop / Lady Style / Lyrical and Modern. I want an exciting show forthe audience raise with great costumes and great emotion. For seeking custody dancers who want to get involved and help shape the training. The whole Finds in Frankfurt am Main and will cost 25 EUR per month. The exact workout room in Frankfurt I make depending on the location of most dancers, as well as the time. Gladly would I start in November, 2015.

Login happy, if you're interested or other creative dancers do with some experience.

Best wishes


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