hippies in the GDR? economic wonder?

hello people :) and although I am interested in the hippies and I once researched and know that it was a hippie movement in the GDR. The hippies were against the authoritarian values ​​of society and because after the economic miracle many values ​​were on money and power were the hippies a counterculture. My question, however, there were in the GDR at all something like an economic miracle and against what because the hippies were in the GDR because if there were no boom?

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The "hippie movement" in the GDR was not primarily directed against existing values, but simply a lebensgefühl young people. To my youth youth dance was with us in the village just Hippiball because young people in jeans and partly loud with long hair listening to music and differently to moving (hampelten) were used as the ancients of waltz, tango and Co. Putting it might describe the hippie culture in the GDR uprising of the young against the values ​​of the old., Just a very "normal" generation gap

Hippies were not and if they do it in your pocket. Accumulations of unwanted persons were always forbidden, smoke pot also. They called people who were against the existing order in the sense of anti-authoritarians, nonconformist, bohemian liable Bum. Something like an economic miracle has not existed in the GDR.

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