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because my old PSU has given up the ghost, I would like to buy myself a which I will not soon has been replaced. I myself am planning a HIS zuzulegen R9 270X IceQ X2. For this I will also bring me a new processor. Can anyone reasonable would recommend? The PC is used primarily for play. However, processor-heavy tasks should proceed as quickly as possible. If possible, the info would be great how many watts the power supply needed then.

Thanks for the help, gamedoodler

The best answer

FX 6300 is P / L technically extremely well, wenns the budget permits rather the FX 8320, otherwise a more expensive again i5. An i5 is superior to the FX 8320 in most games due to lack of multicore support, however, is the FX 8320 for many current (watchdogs, Crysis 3, AC. U ...) and probably future games, and multimedia applications faster. For this, the FX is quite overclockable that reasonable overclockable i5 models only start at about 220 euros, P / L is then technically no longer justifiable. So I would take the FX 8320th

The i5 4690 (k) is not bad.

http://www.amazon.de/Intel-i5-4690-Prozessor-Sockel-Cache/dp/B00K5J2252/ref=sr \_1\_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1426343613&sr=1-2&keywords=intel+core+i5

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