Historical figure of Theatre Practice

Hello Hello! :) I have soon a theatrical examination and must prepare for a character.

He should be female and a historical figure, with 'historical' need not necessarily mean dead.

I hope you can help me something. :) LG

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"Where 'historically' need not necessarily mean dead" Ancient or alive, what now. The two go together normally bad. How old are you. What are you interested in. How well do you know you made in history and history. Are you really excited about the theater. If not enter 'Gretchen from Goethe's Faust. If yes, give 'us more information. Then we'll help you :)


Caroline Neuber - actress and Theaterreformatorin

Well, your question is asked very minimalist. How about further info?

Sisi (Princess)

Jeanne d'arc

Marie antoinette

Anne Frank

Audrey hepburn

princess diana

Even more can be found here: http://geboren.am/themen/Frauen

How about Lady Macbeth of Shakespeare? :)

Far too little information on your part, z. B. what kind of theater-examination (stage, film, TV ...), which semester etc. ...


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