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Why need thorin so a plan for their input berges? If she does not know because it's after all their old home? And what's all the crap with the prophecy? Mountain is conquered by smaug - dwarves flee --- Prophecy --- dwarves come back. How many years are because in between? Somehow pointless or I do not checks ...

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For a better understanding, I would recommend reading the book "The Hobbit". In the film, just much is recast or embellished. As I understand it, the secret passage was not even created until shortly before the escape, but is just now ancient.

The entrance to the mountain is secret and I do not think they have these required times when there over 1000 dwarfs lived: D 80 years smaug lived in the mountain there arises a stop times profezeiung: P

As I said, the entrance to the mountain was a secret passage. That is not all of it. According to my knowledge, not even wuste Thorin what it. The one and only two who were aware of it, I think, Thrain and Thor.

In the prophecy's just such a Aufmunterunggedanke diviners ... I guess. I believe this can be explained as

So the prophecy I think simply that you want to show in the film, what happened (dwarves come back) and should indicate what is to come ( "Inferno" -> Smaug makes Esgaroth flat in 3.) Whether the prophecy was also in the book I just do not know, but I do not think so.

The Plan is: are gathered as the dwarves in the 1st part in Bag End, Fili says yes: "If there is a key, it is also a door." And Balin said: "The main gate is closed There is no way into the mountain.." This shows indeed that the dwarves of the secret door know nothing (secret!); even Thorin then not (as you noted). Probably just know the builders thereof and who befauftragt in investing (Thror belongs then also, I guess). In Rivendell Elrond decrypts the map then yes or reads the moon runes that appear just by the currently correct moon, than they are in Rivendell. This allows them to find the door then.


http: //www.amazon.de/kleine-Hobbit-JRR-Tolkien/dp/3423214120/ref=sr_1_1 s = book ...?

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