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Hey;) My family is married again and I was chosen to hold a speech. Juhu - at first. Panic - in the second. Do you have a parr tips so I do not mess up the ?? How to prepare the prior best? Rather make funny?

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Oh that's a nice gesture from you. I think you've been here a lot of tips and links as you can make the speech well - here perhaps improve a few basic tips for a successful speech or the rhetoric http://deutsche-rednerschule.de/tipps-tricks / so good luck: D

Here's my secret recipe for a great wedding speech:

Definitely be orginell. ALso not just have a "bleak" lecture keep what both make so great, what sets them apart and how severely you have it :-p
But try to make a whole new way - something that fits you and where.

If those two so like a particular artist, say a female singer, then try a song about her and take on the melody of the song then your text / speech to write / maintain.
That depends damn good.
If you do not have to be so gifted in singing eg, then you can also do something with a video if Beamer / canvas are available eg.
There are many options - which I is also wants you shall try to make you think of something cool. There are mainly on YouTube some wicked things to that could you possibly inspire. Look here (Edit, I can only insert a link here, therefore, follows instead of YouTube links a guide on how you can find the videos: -o)
Search So YouTube times for "best wedding speech".
And here you have 10 tips for a funny wedding speech:
http: //www.deinehochzeitsrede.de/10-redebausteine-die-deine-hochzeitsrede-locker ...
Hope this helps you (and others) on.

http: //liebe.erdbeerlounge.de/liebesforum-liebeskummerforum/Hochzeitsreden-lusti ...

Maybe you something for you ...'Vg pw

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