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Good day live in an apartment house with my 16 year old cat had lived in free to do their business a contract ^ I may hold a cat I wanted a cat can make conductor what the owner but did not comply with because Roommate is my cat liked when I am not at home, it happens that my ^ cat staying in the hallway until I home come she does not executing in the house and no transactions can not call my cat like to people please come home in a letter which I yesterday received have I been asked to solve the problem otherwise I have to expect consequences

what I as a tenant for right ?? have

ask for your advice

The best answer

I hope I've understood correctly. a few punctuation would soon require your scrawl legible.

if your landlord forbids that you attach a cat ladder and the cat unattended in the hallway around is allowed to run, you need to keep them indoors (at least until they supervisory under your after outside go) and from your neighbors. nobody says anything when the cat out fully does everything?

Your problem is not clear from your question! The landlord can always revoke entprechender Justification a once given permission to cat or dog attitude when complaining as roommates.

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