Hole cladding plastic?

Hi folks, I despair just because I just find anything suitable to do so. I also do not know how it is called a part.

In a computer table but sometimes there is a hole and make it look better, often has this a plastic insert. Seeking none that is completely closed, but one that is open.

I would like to drill a few holes in a closet, so that afterwards, but does not look so shabby, I need something I can then plug in the hole, it will just remain open ...

Does anyone know how you call that? Hole cover and casing, or has the casting -umrahmung I've already searched unsuccessfully :(

Thanks for any idea ^^

The best answer

Hello, I have worried there, there are even different colors.

http: //www.conrad.de/ce/de/product/522829/Conrad-Kabeldurchfuehrung-fuer-Arbeits ...

Kabeldurchfuehrung for desk or countertop

Date: 2019-03-10 Views: 1

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