Holiday denied due Shutdown

Hello! My friend (18), an apprentice in the 1st year has not get approved his leave. This would be the first two weeks of August, but the last two weeks, the operation closing. His boss did not approve him to leave, on the grounds that an apprentice can have none 4 weeks of vacation at a time. Now my question is, Can the boss does not approve the leave without good reason? Or does a trainee the right to his vacation, even if it would be four weeks in a row? Thank you so much!

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Closing usually means that you have to take his annual leave or part of it (and this applies to all (!) Employees of the company). You have not 10 days annual leave from 'own' holiday Account PLUS 2 weeks bestowed Leisure for closing ...

So if you have 25 days JU and the operation has to 2 weeks, you must therefore usually advance min. 10 days to take, then you can distribute the remaining 15 days according to yet.

Do you want to make a long journey, what you advance 17 - takes 21 days Your friend should talk to the teacher Mr. and see if he can still dransetzen one week at the closing within and vocational school holidays.

Who is playing with open cards has mostly because the best opportunities. However, it is just difficult if the operation does eg in summer and in winter each two weeks tight and your friend has just 20 days of vacation a year, ...

It may only be denied when the urgent operational reasons speak. If there are any more of holiday, as Christmas, it could Vedas closely.

he does not have a right to secure. If the boss says no, it's a no.

So you have to live that it only gives holiday in professional life when it suits also the boss.

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