Holidays in Kenya - and who's flying it?

Dear Community,

I (not the south north of the country) together with my partner a Kenya holiday (travel time: 27.08.2015 - 10.09.2015 -Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel - Diani Beach) booked.

It is our first time in Kenya and we have made in advance many thoughts on the subject of "security" and wanted yet to switch to lower Thailand - where now recently a car bomb exploded ....

A telephone conversation with the Foreign Office confirmed that Kenya NO entry / stay alert for Kenya was issued (for tourists); Despite the attacks on the university etc. - there is only partial travel warnings for certain areas of the country.

My "fear" therefore does not lie so much in a possible "vulnerability" (then should you not Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, and parts of Europe, etc. - the "half" world tour), but rather, whether because many people from fear (which would of course) only to make deliberate holiday in Kenya and have then decided against a holiday in Kenya - and my partner and I now quite "alone" (apart from the locals - or staff) in this beautiful plant are ,

Do not get me wrong, we do not want a 0815-mass holidays; However, we would like to not feel like the last man on earth.

Now to my real question (you can tell I am a woman - by 1000 the goal corners ^^) - Who of you flying yet to Kenya (first vacation or even Kenya lovers) and can my fear of total "isolation" (real drama ^^) take.

This is my first question at Good question - though I'm secretly and avid reader for many years - about serious answers I would be very happy.

Another nice day love - Community.

Linda (Balisto87)

The best answer

The southern Kenya does not seem to be affected yes. And the larger cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa are also not quite as close to Diani Beach.

I do not think you'll remember what great in the hotels in the south. However, the Foreign Office advises inter alia on visits to the old town of Mombasa. What I personally feel is a shame, because the old town is very nice. I have been to Kenya and I found this one of my best holidays ever was:

Diving course, Safari, day trips (including to Mombasa), sun, beach and sea and the locals were very friendly and hospitable, look forward to us. As a tourist, was staying in Mombasa, off the main roads and very dangerous. However, more because of high crime.

If you experience a wonderful beach holiday wish is the Diani Beach certainly the right thing. And a safari to Tsavo, Amboseli and Masai Mara should not be affected by terrorism.

Is a difficult question. And I personally would think.

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Kenya is as safe as any other country. I live here and have these questions now for three years. And all the here had had a nice vacation. Much will also set out wrong, whether from other countries or for political reasons, I do not know. We live here, too with our family and have a great time. And for tourists it is worth even now, there is a great.

Hi Linda, I think the travel agency where you have booked your trip, you might as provide information. And possibly another trip offer. Otherwise, it's up to August still a while out .You could look at what by then still doing that. I travel a little and can not say, not even hypothetically, what I would do. Nevertheless, a great holiday you two. wherever.

Why not you book by example to South Africa with so many concerns? There you have quite similar glorious conditions. Go to the travel agency and look at the different possibilities. South Africa is also incomparably beautiful.

Hi Linda, have just returned from my dream Kenya, it was my 23ster holiday in Kenia.Die first years I was in Malindi on the north coast, then I changed to the south coast because there the beach more beautiful you well, Hotel ist.Kann Leisure recommend Lodge. One can easily move in Ukunda, only a pity that because of some attacks tourists away bleiben.Hab courage + fliegehin

I would not drive due to the (in) security. Whether who is different there, but is genuine matter, respectively .: The fewer people ever less attractive target for terrorists.

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