Home owner. Chances of postpay?

In 2003, we applied for the home owner, then built and moved in of 2005. In 2008, we had to move for professional reasons. At the tax office at the old home we were assured, that you can take the home owner to a new object. Accordingly, we planned financing. I duly reported in the tax office with address, etc. We have built a new home right at the new place of residence and have moved there in 2009 the relocation. The home owner was further paid. We thought that everything is ok so, we live again in a home and thus obtain further the home owner. After 3 years, suddenly came the recovery of 3 withdrawals !!! .. There was a lot of correspondence with the former tax office, affidavits, as no one would have there made any statements about driving a home owner, a hearing before the Finanzgericht did not much further. We had to pay back under the threat of enforcement measures. We gave up, scraped the money together with private loans. No one could advise us what to do next. We wanted to go to higher authority, were it but then tired. It took an enormous amount of power. - Today I learn from the tax office that I have a new application for the new house would retrospectively yet to provide (4-year period). At that time, since no one thought of it. - Does anyone here have a chance to appeal or an indication of whether you can still do something kan It is, after all, to € 20,000.. Or we were only just naive and trusting.

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I see no chance. The failure to meet deadlines you have self-inflicted. Nevertheless, read for yourself:


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