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Hi guys. was the night 3 out times. she has only ever had that. hundi has very mushy diarrhea. vomit it does not have. otherwise fit. think yesterday eaten too much different treats. let them now fast and rest nicely. empty it seems to be first :-) give her tomorrow on the day distributed small servings cooked rice and carrots. then shuffle gradually dry food to when it (by) falls is no between. let them drink regularly from the Ceiling Shower Heads.

is that right? or I can supportive influence? 'm still pressing charcoal tablets, but never had to administer! making tea or something meaningful? (Actually just got shat before that it does not stop again!) Then of course TA!

am curious about your experience!


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Kling well as you did before, eighth in any event it is that you have enough water ready! So they do not dry out. Tablets you should give her only if that does not help. All the best. You can also make some cooked chicken breast meat under amounts. Of course, no spice)

All the best for your dog! Yes, it is true - today there are only drink fresh water ...

And tomorrow you the Moro'sche anti-diarrhea soup (see Aunt Google) give ...

You can do it you make something simpler and buy at the grocery store or drug store baby food in jars: carrots pure ... for babies from 6 weeks ... The act "stuhlfestigend" and taste pretty sweet - your dog will love you for this treat! ... And healthy it is also ...

Because of the long life I always have a few glasses of the house ...

You could also give her banana :) the action astringent. My dog ​​had sometimes and rice has also worked wonderfully so your plan is very good :)

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