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Hi I wanted to ask how dumbbells at home with exercise ball and effectively train a can

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Hello! For such questions, details are very important as age. Exercises you can find on YouTube sufficiently, but: You should consider the following you - you're the type that? I have a weight room in the house. Train there much, almost always alone. I like the way - but is not the rule. Most are simply not the type - they need company. Be it. For an exchange of information, can be observed the technique or simply because it is usually too boring The result - after a few weeks to train the barbell alone. And without knowledge of technology and training system should not also start.

I wish you good luck and success.

Get hold times the book "Fit without equipment". There you'll find paged exercises for the whole body, all of which function with your own body weight. LG ToflixGamer

For your physical exercises you should have enough free space.

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