! Honda CB 125 F!

Hello allerseit, Weis someone how fast the Honda CB 125 F drives? And already hatt anyone experience with it? Thanks in advance :)

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So I've personally.

Point on the highway about 115 (real)

On the road 100 concise, sometimes more comes down to obs is mountainous.

Suit is often better than other 125 because it has more torque and lighter. Yzf and Dukes I've already deducted;) (at the lights)

Round it is a very reliable BIke. I drive since mid-February in the morning at -7 degrees to the part and the part purrs like a kitten!

If you want a reliable bike and no Prohlkarre then you are well served by the CBF

So while I drive the 2014 but the engine is far as I know the same. On the road sinds scarce 100 and on the highway it creates already time their 110

I have to pick up before me, I googled a lot but not found much that would have but for the 100 km / h create, that's all I'm thinking it has only 10.6 PS

Was my A1 driving school moped. With luck 100km / h on the straight. Suit well. 125cc 4 stroke halt.

Google times. Since there are pages and pages of opinions.

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