Hopelessly can one help me

I was supposed to be mature for my age, unfortunately I can not. Family, job, apartment, Friends Not once I get to the number. It is now come so far that I have lost my job so I just sit around at home and life rushes past me. I'll no longer cope, I can not once again look in the mirror with me. I am a man just come to the time high my feelings. At lack of intelligent lacks me VERY. I do not know how to go with me on .... Me with people to entertain yet I lack even hard I'm 24 by my behavior might think I'm only 12 years old. Should I go to a psychologist? I'm at a loss.

The best answer

Do not hang down as you to make test the best of it, you've tried it with the -Agentur for work? Inform yourself time :) there, a psychologist dignity I go can also help you much strength

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