Horse paint, what color?

The question may sound like stupid, but with what you can paint his horse ... I am already informed with what you could paint his horse soo and I found out with finger paint, chalk etc ... but now I was of finger paint totally discouraged ..: - / What do you think ??? Thanks for the answers

Your Laura :-)

The best answer

Finger paints have often been criticized in the product tests because of preservatives and / or the like. But there were also acceptable colors by certain manufacturers. Unfortunately I do not remember what exactly. Can you see online at major testers.

The cattle crayons are unsuitable paraffin- bzw- petroleum-based, and thus out of my eyes. Especially as the pins smudge everything. In Facebook there are a very large group who get busy and tried hard. > Brake free thanks crosswalk <

There are now also special paint color for horses consisting of pure alumina. Is also very cheap compared to the other supposed alternatives. Simple in Google "Pferdemalfarbe" Enter.

Ps: What wrote Miss Death Mattel, it hits very accurate. Thank you for your post!

so I have generally what paint about horse say now times!

Each horse has earned respect and dignity, but that will not matter how it looks, or whether one anmalt it or not. Before one here rumstreitet if you can paint the horse or not, rather just think they are not taken seriously because of their size and their cuddly appearance of all the Shetland ponies, these horses often get zero respect. And where the dignity of the horse has remained when it rushes over much too high obstacles? Whether we would an animal and bring to respect not depends but with the look, the coat, the name or the color we paint on him, together! But the way we see the horse and how to deal with it!

The Indians painted their horses also, but is the same, they did not respect their horses? They were dependent on these animals and they had a high priority. You have not painted to make it a clown, but painted them sign on which stood as symbols of good values ​​such as courage or bravery! They respected their horses and brought them safely more dignity when we meet our horses nowadays! Do not take off so forth by the questioner, you know neither what they aufmalt the horse, nor how he deals with the horse. Even if I would paint my RB now a heart on the butt, I would continue to respect and honor, and who makes his respect for an animal or a person of optical things depend one anyway not respected!

A man without glasses is respected, but a not ?! having suddenly I have my friends so respected as they are, and just because they now have a pair of glasses, or bleached hair or blue shoes - I respect still the same as before!

As long as the color is nothing in it which irritates the skin and itches or is toxic, as long as you can apply this also. And what of the horse now hinmalt, it is a heart, a flower or a penis - could not care less! As long as I respect my horse does not care what is painted on it. I go with him as much about as before and I do not understand why so aufgeilt here on Optical! I am sure the honorable Member will deal with her horse just when it is painted as if it is not paintable.

So, finally the question: Kindermalfarbe is neither toxic nor irritating, so it is completely ok. However, it often goes out not so good and the horse is weeks later colorful patches in the coat. Henna is not recommended because it lasts a long time and no one wants to have a year carnival horse. Chalk is ok, but does not last very long. Watching what is included in it!

I do not want to take what colors you, but for black and white, there are simple solutions: For Black take a piece of coal and mix for white flour with a little water and apply. This can be both wash out easily

In the summer we have the horses sometimes painted crosswalk to find out whether they are really less crisp. The horses behaved normally and were also shot except louder photos, but that does not bother even the horses. And we behaved towards them as well as usual. We have lost neither our respect for them, yet they have left their dignity.

it depends on what can be the horse yes zebrastreifen also encouraging commended (to flying nämlcih confuse) to you can think I even flour with water mix until a good consistent state who and why some do so I do not understand that the horse painted will's usually only for a costume or photo shoot and not just for fun and that is everything then again washed / brushed's not like that it remains except the zebra stripes that may it remain :) and the horse disturbs the usually do not and you will have to watch the the color is not in the eyes, nüstern or maul is always good and eye wash / brush

and oh yeah finger colors should be no problem since they are for small children only need to be washed often

Water colors: D

Hey, can you take children finger paint or this hairspray, which immmer there for carnival time. But always good back out clean. And be careful that nothing in eyes, nose, muzzle gelangt.Wir paint the horses sometimes on. Eg for costume riding or redskins weekend. But only in the summer when mans also may wash out times.

With a cattle pen sign that goes away completely by themselves

You can at Milka ask how they did their cow purple: D No seriously, I'd say maybe with henna? Halt without chemical additives

horses must not be painted, which are beautiful by nature. only fools make work superfluous :)

NOT AT ALL?? let but the poor horse in silence

finger paint

the poor horse?

Lichen him a few braids is in the mane and good ^^

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