House tenants builds garage and wants to sell it after moving to the new tenant?

Hi, a brother owns a piece of land with a house and rented this his brother for a low basic rent. This lives 20 years in this house and has during this time for himself and his girlfriend at a garage on the property built, among other things, and made further modifications. Now the two are separated, and the house will be rented again. The low cold tenant for the new tenants to remain. However, would the brother, where the property does not include a transfer fee in the amount of 20,000 EUR of the new tenants. The problem is that this is, among other concerns, the garage, and a fitted kitchen, etc. If I as the new tenants move out now I can not take no garage, or a corner bath .... I think that the homeowner would have to pay this distance, because it is indeed value-added input / conversions from his property. Or have I got that wrong? Thanks advance for your interest. LG Nieta

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Yes, you see the wrong in so far as it is called. Mitereinbauten.

The internals of the lessee shall become the property of the lessor / house Landlord with fitted. - He (the owner), however, can require the tenant that he removed internals when he takes off (eg when you mentioned bath) un the "original state restores".

In fitted kitchens is often a dispute, whether it is furniture or permanent fixtures. -Comes On the character of the kitchen. - If this is very complex and individually adapted to the premises and this changes the character of the premises clearly, the kitchen is more of an installation, which merges into the ownership of the rent house owner.

Is it just a kitchenette, which "put down" is, it's more furniture.

The amount of rent compared to the local rent is certainly not an indication of whether a fee has to be paid (and certainly not by tenant).

From tenant the tenant may in any event require no peeling - it has no contractual relationship with him.

There have already been cases in which judges have decided later that the low in relation lease was granted on the basis of the internals of the lessee, whereby its investment is covered.

A fee that has not been agreed, the tenant can ask in any case by the proprietor.

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