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Hi Guys,

I have a defect (Rotten wiggle balcony railing or individual slats or even missing) in January 2014, my balcony detected and reported in writing my landlady (Property Management)). 2 month later came the craftsmen and looked at the thing and said he wanted the property management make an estimate and after positive feedback it would be with me for an appointment to the thing to repair. I never heard what from Him! Several phone calls with the property management in 2014 was nothing Undertaken to date. Last week I wrote again an invitation to correct the defect. I put a deadline date xx about 14 days and the rental units paid in February under reserve. Today, the answer came: In March 2015 again crests a craftsman of the matter look at times. What!! Now to my question: What are my ability to cut the rent and what can I do? How should I proceed now? Am very grateful if what constructive would be contributed.

Additional: The safety is no longer already given. Several slats have flown in the neighbor's yard. An image showing I have attached to you.

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The landlord has a duty to maintain safety. Thus, the defect is over one year. Rent reduction is possible, but should be limited only to the area of ​​the balcony. See @ hörmirzu. If the repair of March until ??? not take place, then you have left a substitute performance subject that you already announce now can in the event that once again there is no repair in time.

The zusehende on the image material as wire mesh balcony fuse is probably not worth anything? The wood elements are probably screwed to the steel frame - that is also self-repairable. Pull Kostn of the May rent.

Balconies are credited to ??% as housing, this part you can fully deduct after the announcement, because the balcony can not be used.

Well, the picture can not be seen ....

If you think that really safety is at risk, you can try the supervision on. Send you a mail with some meaningful Fotot.

So here are the pictures!

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