How and when do I take the direct debit for my dorm room?

Hi, I have a question. I'm currently studying and have finally found a place in a dormitory. However, the demand in a debit authorization. That is understandable. Just as I give the them. I know that so that I get a piece of paper which I fill out, giving the then those again. Debit authorization granted. But how do I do that this time? My key I have not got but the lease is signed and stamped. Am currently still out of town. I hope you can help me. I'm really scared to lose my right to the room. I am studying in Kiel if the information is needed. Many thanks in advance.

Sincerely Snow D. AGER

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who usually have a form that you can fill up and sign.

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Have you ever gschaut on the homepage of the student union / the Wohnehim? Perhaps there is a template. If maybe call either to or write yourself a debit authorization (eg as of diewildeHilde)

Call, ask if they send over / fax / send a scan copy by mail the form and fax it back filled ...

I hereby authorize you to debit the monthly rent amounting xxx xxx Euro from my account. This authorization is valid until further notice.

Name and address and information about the apartment specify (which will be probably numbered or something), sign - and it is good.

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