How big are the lightsabers from Star Wars?

My question is how big is actually the lightsabers from Star Wars as the average in cm? And I mean original from the film and nciht ihrgend which children things which are often made much smaller.

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The "normal" lightsabers from the six "Star Wars" films (not the dual lightsabers or Master Yoda's lightsaber smaller) should be about one meter long. Around a quarter turns of the handle, the rest of the blade.

The lightsabers have a handle length of about 28 cm, the blade about 70 cm. That makes about 1m. Darth Maul Foppellichtschwert would be approximately 1.90 m long. And because of Yoda to 70 - 80 cm, it has a very short shoto (because of its size).

Depends on the owner of the lightsaber off. Handle so the blade 25-30cm and at normal body size as 90cm or so ...

Depends on Yoda's lightsaber is for example less than Obi wan or Luke Skywalker, but as a rule, 1 meter

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