How big is about my dog


Property me a mongrel fetched and would like to know jetz about how great it could be ... He is now 3.5 Mon old ... shoulder height he has 46 cm long and it has no tail from snout to po 74 cm ... can be said about how big it is ... thanks

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If the "small" is already 46 cm and now I go to my measurements of our dogs .... well then you have to expect at least 70-73cm. Our dog, a Germ. Bärenhund, was in the age 47cm and is now 71cm. Our dog, a mix of Mastin de los Pirineos (guard dog) x St. Bernard, was 48cm with 3.5 months and is now with 1 year of 75cm. LG

Property me a mongrel fetched and would like to know jetz about how great it could be

Hybrids are always "surprise packets" where you can not predict how they will develop a whole. So let me surprise you!

A shoulder height of 60cm and more, I would expect at your information.

So it puts a Owtscharka and shepherd with inside ...

Well, there you have but you brought a great surprise package into the house ...

Regarding the size: you can make sweeping never from which parents and grandparents Animal Animal by beating much% which genes ...

Maybe you try times to accept - a size in the middle between Shepherd and Shepherd Dog ...

You know that the Owtscharka are and remain very headstrong and independent?

NO, which can be non-ma because not yet know what the parents were or even the grandparents - but if it is so large with 3.5 months, then it is also what wachsen-- dog grow to about 1 year . eighth especially that you that is in good fütterst-- not too much in terms of inhaltsotffe large expectant animals mdürfen grow slowly otherwise come the joints and ligaments not Barfen with .-- would ideally suitable as the - get yourself possibly Damti familiar :


at least please ia very good fodder --am best wet feed with 70% TIGEM fleiscanteil and cereal feed NO - so please do not discoeunterware! even if the are much cheaper is-- to life the vet cost will be higher due to incorrect feeding.

So it puts a Owtscharka and shepherd with inside ...

Well then I hope for the dog that you know what you have you laughed at there and that you can keep the animal turns its kind according to .... if not, then read / learning takes everything you can find about guard dogs their behavior and Your attitude!

les you as First time through the following page:

@ Chris311983,

no, I do not think you can make it a meaningful statement.



No, you can not. It depends on what breeds he unites in itself.

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