How big the dog could be grown puppy?

On Monday 10 weeks old dog he puppy has a weight of 8 kg and has a shoulder height of 33 cm, it is a rude mother is a rottweiler mixed breed and the father is a coated Retriever Mix. He runs very comfortable us is already one of the most powerful of the litter have been!

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My Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (female) was difficult with 10 weeks around the 8.5 kg and 32 cm high. So much like yours. Rottis are the Great Swiss physiologically quite similar, Retrievers are built a little easier. Now you have a dog, the well may be somewhat more than a bitch. I would take him to 60-65 cm shoulder height and about 38 - estimate 50 kg depending on how it develops and whether mommy or daddy come through more.

I thought I could but that would not help because it is a hybrid and all races are of different sizes. You have to let yourself be surprised :)

I have only seen the mummy that looked exactly like a Rottweiler from only just slightly larger but it is indeed a hybrid .. The dad I have not seen it said only that the father was a flat rate Retriever Mix and he is the neighbor ..

Before answer yet come about not buy the seed grower I have to say one thing, it is the dearest and calmest dog I've ever had .. He even seat even though I'm still not at all started to practice with because he days only since 5 is with me and is first used to us but that has already worked on 1 day as if it were already few weeks with us

this question no one can answer you. Hybrids are always "Überraschunspakete" and develop very different in size and appearance. Let yourself be surprised!

Maybe can write to me as big and heavy so someone had their dog aged 10 weeks and how big he has grown ?!

Look at times to the paws. By this you can estimate Upper GROSS is. Your information can but suggests that it is not a SMALL.

You can assume that the puppy reaches the size of the parents, if the father is not much smaller than the mother.

Flatrate breeds do not exist, which is called Flat coated Retriever and is about the size of a Rottweiler.

All mongrel dogs are surprise packages ...

But if you really know the parents, then you know on what did you admitted as ...

Males are usually slightly larger and heavier than females - but it there is no warranty card.

the white one with mongrels never -vorallem because also the father indeed was einmischling.

I hope in your bundesland the Rottweiler is not a list dog -For the provisions also apply for all mixed race this race!

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