how can dog teach you something

Healing dear community! I would very much like `` teach my dog ​​,, Give paw. how can I make the most clever first? please give only useful answer dange already in advance

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I would very much like `` teach my dog ​​,, Give paw.

look times this page to, maybe that is what you are looking.

give paw, dogs learn quite quickly and is one of the easiest tasks.

Paw is simple. Let's make seat the dog, take a paw and say fine. You do that for so long until the dog need no support.

By you for belohnst if he has done something right the dog. For me it has worked so I called by the command you (the dog) and then took her paw. That I then repeated several times. Then I'm gone over to put the command her paw in mine and gave her treat it. You federation then Komando and the rich of the paw with treats and then made it like

You let the dog before you make seat znd take a treat in your hand. The closed hand you stretch the dog opposite which is vetsuchen iwie to get at the treat it. Once it touches your hand with his paw he may eat the treat znd praised by dur. If he is conditioned to the clicker can also click. If he knows what he has to do gets all a command. Say whenever the dog touches your hand you call the command and praising him. After some time, your dog will know what to do tu Lg znd much success in practice

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