how can I a vitamin deficient balance despite allergies?

Hello my dears. I have the impression the depots of my body are depleted as I unfortunately enough nutrients can not inflict. I have allergies to rye, corn, millet, apple, pineapple, peaches, oranges, soy .... On fruit I refrain because I just can not stand this. Also to nuts I react. What should be so good for the nerves. I do not know whether vitamin supplements are useful? Do you have experience with allergies who were healed? How does her allergies you to the needed nutrients? (I am also on responses from non-allergic). My body is also quickly burned out ... which is probably a side effect of the lack of nutrients :(. I really want to do something to make it feel better. I am pleased with answers.

best regards

The best answer

talk to your doctor about it. these over the counter spring dinger bring nothing. your doctor can determine which vitamins you are missing and you prescribe appropriate preparations. I also have vitamin d and of B6, B12 and folic acid take kombi since I have a aktuten vitamin deficient at the moment.

I down to lactose intolerance no allergies to foods. For that I am allergic to house dust, cats, dogs and all kinds of pollen and grasses.

I suppose since 2 years, the dietary supplement of Vemma. I know that there is here in the forum very divided opinions about this company, but my products have helped. I've more energy, am fitter and small Weh-wechen have dissolved into air. The last allergy test a few months ago the doctor has seen my grass pollen allergy and cat allergy have gone back.

If you want to try the products, I can gladly tell more about it and where dus order can. But what I can tell you the same is that the products are pure vegetable and possibly as well as what's in it, while you are allergic. That you had to previously check with your Arzr.

I have learned that many allergies improve if one renounces all dairy products and peanuts.

You get a lot of vital substances by vegetables, especially by crude.

My son can withstand raw Brazil nuts from, wärhend he must sneeze terribly from the normal (heated). Maybe you need to try a little since.

I have the impression the depots of my body are depleted as I unfortunately can not get enough nutrients inflict.>

which must be determined by the physician, your impression does not count

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