How can I best explain him?

My friend has become quite intrusive lately. He wants me as under the clothes fassen.Mir makes it not really much from but he makes it so suddenly and me is the unpleasant. When we met, he did it but when I then pushed him back (because he has hurt me) and was so unexpected, it was funny. So he says I had promised to do it and send me no more back since. How would you try to explain it to him?

The best answer

If you do not want, then it should you not urge. Tell him also. I think in a relationship you should talk openly with each other, even if it is sometimes difficult. Tell him definitely that's it make you uncomfortable. Maybe it's all just a bit fast (white not how long have you been together)

"I really do not really have much of ..." There you should but quite a bit and you should make your friend does not allow everything and he has to understand that too, that you're not a game for him. However, it seems to me he does not understand what not exactly speak for him, so difficult that's actually not. The reaction of your friend on the other hand speaks volumes and I can give you only one piece of advice, forget this immature and selfish boy. I can not imagine that you need something necessarily me.

He has to accept it if you do not want. Tell him clearly.

If you is unagnehm, he has to leave it!

If he does not understand that he is unrepentant and you should leave it in the rain!

Not at all. If it stops responding, he has no more to you interest. Apparently, he wanted you anyway just for sex. Forget it simply, it is not worthwhile to continue to think about him.

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