How can I best tell my Bagenkop that I like it here and thank you?

Hi everyone

I now live soon 3 years my apartment and feel very comfortable. The landlords are very nice people and if something is broken, it is made equal. I also got the job as caretaker and get in the place a lot of responsibility to look after the house and to report damage, etc. I also have my neighbors very much, all very nice people, well some are better for themselves, but most are very nice and aufgeschlossen- I enjoy it correct to live here.

I would like to tell my landlord. I do not know, but I think that the residents call sooner if there are problems. I just want that the landlord notice that you are a great people and that I feel in your home and in your home very well. How can you convey that without it comes across an angle?

The best answer

We all look forward to life characters via SMS or phone call from friends of the holiday, but even more, we are happy when someone has taken the time to pick out a card for us, there to write down a few lines and then the postage and shipping to " organize "- all just for us!

In this sense: write them, like you did here. Use for a personal stationery or grasp it actually so short that it fits on a beautiful postcard. It definitely would not get weird because so much time only one takes when it is an important and value.

Since sufficient a really: "For three years I enjoy to live it every day here and you can have as a landlord It's nice that it gives you :).."

Such mail between all other communications from the tenancy and the caretaker activity is still great and certainly not misleading :)

A map would also be distanced enough to remain a gesture, but more than ever in order to distinguish itself from the ordinary.

Hi, So you they could indeed times to a cup of coffee and cake invite. Or at warmer temperatures for grilling times. And on this occasion you can personally tell them exactly as in your question. And man would be even with small, nice touches. And personally I think it's always best as telephone or on the wing.

Yes, I would also like to thank personally. Never over the phone. Something makes against you. The are sure to enjoy. And so then they are also happy. They know they are also good owner.

I would mention in passing, that bein call or in person.

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