How can I combine this coat?

Hello, how can I combine this coat? How would he fit into sports? And as elegant? Please some combinatorial tips. Thank you in advance.

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Sporty: A cool jeans (EVLT easily torn) with a loose white or black shirt to any sneakers (Nike Roshe, Superstars)

Elegant: Black or white skinny jeans (black in leather optics) with either blue and white checkered or a completely monochrome blouse when the blouse is simply an easy statement necklace. As Shoes Ankle Boots or just plain black heels.

Casual / Casual: Any jeans with a casual T-Shirt (Basel Ball Shirts in white with blue sleeves), Simply Boots.

Hope I could help you :)

Links is a proposal for something everyday. Law the more elegant variant. One can skirt if necessary just go exchange jeans. Lg Waldbeerchen

Elegant: Jeans with gold accents, bright blouse or Schösschentop, golden jewelry, Black high heels or high heels

Athletic: Black leggings, oversize shirt (white or blue), Nike Air Force (or other sports shoes)

So I would think I do. Very nice jacket :)

Here fits a white blouse very good underneath plus a black trousers. The collar of the blouse you should definitely wear to the jacket, which looks better.

Elegant: Underneath a black pants with a white blouse

Sporty: vl Leggings and matching shirt

So sporty -> destroyed jeans, boyfriend jeans fits all. It may be necessary a striped top, I could well imagine scarf holding ... color rather simple. elegant -> I love to wear dresses with tights, to pumps or the boots, then the jacket over it (! dress should not be longer than sheath) ... always looks great!

I would combine the jacket with darker things because the jacket yes so has a bright hue. You could even put a hat in the color of the jacket with a black leggings and dark shell with arbitrarily-colored shoes. But I do not know how so is your style: D

Good luck!

I think that is more elegant to you could with black (a black and white) T-shirt underneath Combine

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