How can I find my dog?

Haii people my father einfachso gave my dog ​​away but he does not tell me what city and where but the dog is registered to my mother as I can find him, and if I have a right to keep it, please help me ..: (

The best answer

If the dog officially belongs to your mother, then you should not hesitate to seek times drum to bring the dog back home ...

You will surely may lead to your father to clear the air!

However, I must also say that your parents certainly have the right to give or sell their dog to you.

Your parents are towards you not accountable ...

(And that does not mean for sure that I find your father's behavior is good and proper!)

If it's registered on your mother, ask her yet.

Otherwise, it would just check with the register if he was re-registered.

Your mother, or jetz tiger owner can determine who has the dog ....

Call Shelters, with data and photo of the dog distribute list on it, even on bulletin boards in malls. give to the newspaper continued. Why does your father do something ?! First idea would ne ad ....

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