how can I get a dog?!?!

Hello, I am 14 years old and live in a large house with rießigen land and next to a forest. I want a dog but my parents are against it. They say that's too much work but I think I can with 14 but already know how I plan my time. But how can I convince them? My father himself had a dog but was shot as a child. He knows that a dog nice but he's just say I get no. What arguments can I still apply?

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If you want to really enjoy a dog, you can convince your parents so: 1. Get your complete smart about dogs and get informed. 2. You can for half a year or so to go up half an hour earlier and walk. Whatever the weather. Thereby you show your parents that really behind it lies a will and not only the desire for a stuffed animal. You also find out so, whether you like the whole thing is "worth" and if you think it through, even if it is still "no dog". 3. Make a list and write down exactly what you do in what situation would (for example) on vacation; where comes towards the dog?

I hope I could help you :) Registered Good luck!

Hello, I can well understand that you would like a dog.

Nevertheless, I believe that you do not know 14 how much attention needs a dog. Even if you have a large plot. You're on the morning, go for lunch and dinner for a walk with him so that he will not do its business in the garden. A dog needs as much love and attention as a child. Did you really beside your homework, friends, sports or the time and patience to do it? A dog must indeed be educated. A dog costs a lot of money: food, toys, leash, collar, annual vaccination, liability insurance, veterinary treatments. If you drive on vacation, your dog may not be able to. But where to put it? Tierpensionen cost money and are impersonal.

Please think it over you well: I myself have a Golden Retriever and knows how difficult it can be. But I'm working from home, can it be taken anywhere and pass it on to friends when I'm on vacation. I often have to get out with him and not only 5 min. but long rounds with games, training etc. Otherwise he is not busy and miserable. The education and training of Jette was very very hard and took a lot of nerve. Are you sure you can do it?

Sorry, but I can understand your parents, if you say no. You would be responsible for most of the dog that you have like want.

Best wishes


Hi, is now meant no harm, but would you be my daughter would you now first a fixed task list get in the household, if you are already so mature and everything can already. Perhaps this is to convince the way your parents ?? Kill yourself just go away with the household, sink dishes, take out the trash, sucking the apartment, spatial on, sort your laundry for washing machine and prepare them, offer your parents evenings, why not a hot tea. Mach anytime you all were re-neat and clean in the bathroom. Shock your parents and make time a spring cleaning in your room :) Then can definitely not complain about too much work and can thus perhaps convince better :)

With 14 you your time is not even nearly as plan how the animal is required. A dog can stay maximum 4 hours alone, not that you manage already alone by the school.

Yet this you have before you go to sleep out with the dog every morning before school, lunch and dinner. It is not in 15 minutes but overall mindetstens 1.5 hours and every day. Hardly a child / teenager makes it permanent. At that time I also not one of them.

Also must be covered and the financial. The need to wear your parents. Every month should 150 euros for the dog to be available to cover tax, food, insurance, dog school, veterinarian, and any other costs.

And what happens when you have in a few years, even less time because the school days are longer, you start studying or training? Then the dog stays longer alone, or your parents need to worry about what they are not ready, according to your statements.

In such a situation I would bring a dog in. For if, then all must be for all and help.

Please wait until you are standing on their own feet, earn your own money, and above all have enough time for the animal. Everything else would be animal cruelty.

With 14 you can not exhaustive or estimate how much time devouring a dog.

Also you might find the time you'll have time, assess in any way.

Do you go every morning with the dog out? Often before "daybreak"? Puts you or your friends say from the party if it in time simply does not fit with the dog?

Wait until you know for sure, to you worry own a dog

But how can I convince them?

must convince is the worst precondition, after all, is a dog indeed be a Fmilienmitglied and must be liked by everyone Fmilienmitglieder and welcome.

Dogs are also very expensive and the cost would pay your parents!

Insurance, dog tax, food, kennel (holiday period), accessories, vet (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in case of accident or illness of the dog) dog school etc ... So it is very expensive a dog to entertain. A dog lives 10-18 years and one must be able, a dog, a dog elves long, to be every day needs.

Further to your interests, obligations and friends in the next few years will change, so you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog will! Work with the dog would then remain hanging back to your parents.

A dog must repeatedly daily in great depth. And gassi out, whether it storms or snows!

Stop to edit your parents! Get a dog if you're an adult and you have enough time and own money for a dog have?

have you're 14..ein dog can 15 Years Old werden..noch you have time for it, when you start in a few years a doctrine or the like, then it's a different matter, then the first girlfriends happen etc. Your parents right, get a hamster ...


there are no arguments, parents who are opposed to the attitude of a dog, to convince, but to be holder of a dog against their conviction.

Please wait until you grow up, firmly in professional life stand, private stand on their own feet; then you can decide whether you keep a dog or not.



but I think I can with 14 but already know how I plan my time>

Hahaha no not sure! You do not know how much processing as does a dog, how much it will cost money ect. Your father knows this and if your parents do not want a dog then you have to akseptieren that. You always do not have time for a dog you're 14 .. you have in the school.

Sooo vlt you can with 14 nor your Zeitplanrn, now you do soon ne education then what?

Leave it with a dog you do not have enough time.

A dog is not a toy. Pick another hobby.

Buy yourself in 4 years a dog :)

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