How can I get an app to create?

I would like to program apps like Snapchat. Where to learn something?

The best answer

Programming of apps is not easy.

1st time, you have very good English can because without that you will almost never come vorran

2. Books, eBooks, blogs, pages is all something about the program in which books I think the effektivstren are.

Decisions not just from boredom you sometimes just want to program an app. It takes time and perseverance. You also need to also invest some money.

If you want to develop Android apps, you first have to very good programming Java, you should know what OOP means and what is XML. C ++ can also be advantageous.

Then you should in the Android API to incorporate and learn how apps are built etc. It takes months to program complex apps, just when you're not working in a team. English would be an advantage, because many sub pages are written in English on the Internet (see ) and you get simply much better and faster help in the English language.

There's books like that is called a mystery to me but a boy was characterized millionaire.

You have to learn in the category Application Development Computer

There is such a book series called as Computer for Dummies etc. Good luck

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