How can I get that he realizes that I what he wants? How can I forget him?

The type to which I have been 2 years in love (the first type, with which I have really made rum) and a very good friend of mine (see him but unfortunately little more because he has been studying this year), comes to my birthday and I will finally really even take my chance really and truly show him that I him really, really like. The only problem is that he is anyway always so so nice to me and I also really nice was therefore always to him and you can hardly increase without me immediately totally throw myself at him out. I always feel that guys always do not remember when girls what you want to look pretty quickly while girls when someone what they want .. Have a feeling that guys that look only when you right in the face would say haha ​​the thing is just that I him for 2 years can not forget and so slow to truly realize that I have to do something, when I'm not in 10 years still wants to find myself in the same place and not forget him can. How can I really show him that he realizes that I'm interested in it, without being intrusive, desperate or totally madly to come over? How can I make it that his interest is also aroused in me? (As I said, we are very good friends and I know he likes me arg really really really)

Or another question: how I manage to get over him? Can not imagine ever loving someone just as bad as I love him I just.

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As you said! boys checkens until mans tells them directly into the face! it takes no prop away past ... but you have to ask yourself also whether your friendship might endanger !? but if your friendship is so strong actually, it is not bad if you're in love with him because prop it is almost impossible not to fall in love with which you can confide and with whom one has a lot in common ...

So I see it. You have seemingly tried everything unoffensichtliche. Now only one thing, ass bake squint and tell him ... Even alcohol can help there but of course only to loosen ... If it goes wrong (I hope not) can you still ask the question like you on him better forget ... But then the world looks quite different. In the first place is now only times that you tell him what's going on inside you. Good luck !!!!

Through a personal meeting with him to say exactly what you think of him! Only then you are also on.

be open and honest, confess him your feelings. all or nothing, he can not smell you strehst him much success

yes no joke, we check not something if man will not tell us directly also nix break if it did not work out: D if it is cool it'll make you not so much stress :))))

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